Even a merciless predator like a lion dare not attack a hedgehog, but leopards are reckless and the end

The strange battle between the leopard and the porcupine lasted an hour and a half before the two animals “give up”. Not long ago, the attack of a leopard with a porcupine occurred in Kruger National Park, South Africa, recorded and posted by many witnesses, attracting a lot of public attention. network.

According to eyewitness accounts, the leopard was clearly hungry and it had no choice but to “eat” the other hedgehog. However, with a weapon of numerous spikes on its body, the hedgehog showed no fear.

This bizarre one-and-a-half hour battle took place right in front of zoo staff, crowds of visitors, and photographers. In it, the leopard can continuously use its sharp claws to attack the hedgehog.

However, the opponent did not bother to run away, but just stood and crouched, causing the two front limbs of the leopard to quickly bleed.

It is worth mentioning that during the match, the hedgehog did not falter, it just stood tall with a row of spikes on its body, waiting for the leopard to continue to attack and injure itself.

Obviously, this animal is fully aware of its power as well as its available weapons so as not to run away when confronting aggressive opponents.