Dramatic moment: KIRA Brave dog defeats giant rock python

A dramatic video has emerged of a Belgian Malinois rescued by her owner after she was attacked by a python in a game reserve.

The footage, shot by Tal Fineberg at Mbuluzi Game Reserve in Swaziland on March 27, shows anti-poaching dog Kira fighting off a python biting her.

Once Fineberg manages to get the python off his dog, he can be seen cleaning the wound before Kira walks off “like nothing happened”. “It all started when Kira was ahead of me and took this bite from a huge Southern African Rock Python.

She was clearly in distress and she fought back holding the python in her mouth,” Fineberg told Newsflare. “I think for me mostly as amazingly she didn’t seem phased at all and she looked a little disappointed and confused on why we ended the patrol and headed back to the vehicle.”

“Pythons are not venomous but they have nasty bacteria in their saliva so the wound needs to be looked after,” he added.

The video was posted on The DoDo Youtube channel and received more than 8m views, most of the audience was amazed at the dog’s fighting ability and delighted when it won.