Despite the pain of being bitten by two hyenas, the mother hippo tried to protect the baby to death

Most mothers will do their best to make sure that their baby is kept safe from harm. But not all mothers are faced with protecting their children from an aggressive pack of hyenas.

That’s the heart-pounding prospect faced by a mother rhino in Kenya, who is forced into the midst of a pack of hunters and her young.

Dramatic footage shows her battle with two, and then four hyenas frantically trying to hunt with her calf. In the incredible video, she and her calf are surrounded by animals that are surrounding them waiting to be pounced.

The mother hyena places her body between the hyena and her cubs, stabbing them with her sharp horns. The pests tried to sneak behind her and ambush her calf, but she was too fast and she was able to block their attacks.

In the end, she decided to rest and sprint, keeping her baby close and leaving the hyenas alone.

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