Despite repeatedly attacking the baboons to save their babies, the antelope grieved when the young died despite being rescued.

The video was recorded by people nearby, with extraordinary efforts, the mother antelope sacrificed her body to retrieve the baby from the baboon’s mouth, but the baby antelope still could not survive.

Baboons have a mostly plant-based diet, but they also sometimes turn into fearsome carnivores when hunting a variety of other animals. With a top speed of 45 km / h, they can completely become excellent hunters.

It is not uncommon for baboons to hunt flamingos or leopards. In addition to speed, sharp teeth are also what makes baboons so scary.

A baboon was grazing with her pack when a desire to eat meat arose when it saw a mother and baby antelope grazing nearby. It pretends to find the roots of a tree and then approaches the baby antelope, the victim still does not know the baboon’s dark intentions.

When he got close enough, the baboons sped up to capture the target and succeeded, but with great effort despite the danger, the mother antelope snatched the baby from the hand of death.