Despite injecting a large amount of poison into the python’s body, the cobra still died from suffocation

The video was shot and posted on Youtube, quickly satisfying the audience and earning nearly 8 million views. Those who witnessed this war with their own eyes felt fear after the war ended.
Have you ever wondered which of the strongest snakes in the wild will win the death match?

Two of the world’s most feared snakes, the reticulated python and the king cobra, battled it to the death in front of Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University.

In the thirty-minute fight, it looks like the python is in it to win. The cobra’s large size is not suitable for the python’s tight grip.

The 12-meter-long king cobra had to try to free itself while avoiding being hit by passing cars.

The fight completes 180 degrees when the snake frees itself from the python’s cap, fleeing into a nearby bush.

The python began to decelerate immediately due to a cobra bite that spectators believe could eventually lead to the snake’s death.