Crocodiles are concerned when they have to confront wild dogs, an intelligent and effective predator, so they give up and split the food in half

Not possessing a large, strong body, not being equipped with powerful weapons by nature such as horns, claws …, but in the wild African natural world, wild dogs are animals. the most effective predator.

On a section of the river, a herd of about 15 crocodiles is eating a dead giraffe. At the same time, a pack of wild dogs tries to steal food and a fight for food takes place right here.

Wild dogs try to pull giraffes out of the water and this is also when the competition is fierce.

Clip: Cuộc giao tranh cướp mồi dữ dội giữa cá sấu và bầy chó hoang

When the animal’s carcass was dragged to the water’s edge, the stray dogs could not continue because the body was too heavy. They began to rush to tear despite the ferocious crocodiles trying to take their share. Wild dogs on one side and crocodiles on the other.

Both species try to fill their bellies before thinking about fighting. Then they also understand and yield to each other a delicious meal to enjoy.