Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

The honey badger is known as the ‘fearless’ in the animal kingdom. They can be ready to confront leopards, lions, venomous snakes… The victim this time of the honey badger is a domestic Taipan snake with deadly venom.

See how the honey badger handles its prey.

A snake attacked the honey badger while it was walking, the bite made the honey badger bleed and decided to play dry with the mole.

The mole snake bit the head at the weak point of the honey’s back, but he was a honey badger with nothing to frighten him.

The honey badger continued to rush to bite the snake’s head, making it scared and run away, the honey badger did not allow it, it rushed in to bite the snake’s head.

The snake resisted biting the badger’s head causing it to be injured but it was not enough, the honey badger chewed the snake’s head and enjoyed the meal.

This is the end of the mole snake when mistakenly moving the opponent is the stubborn King honey badger.


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