Close-up of a hippopotamus in a rage that brutally drowns a rhino when it dares to invade its territory

This rare sight was recorded by a tourist while touring the Klein Karoo area, South Africa. In the clip, discovering that the rhino intends to encroach on its territory, the hippopotamus opens its mouth to threaten.

However, when the rhinoceros refused to leave the puddle, the hippopotamus suddenly “went mad”, grabbed the opponent’s head and pushed it into the water.

Due to its horns removed, the rhino could not withstand the sudden attack of the hippo. In the end, it was bitten by the opponent repeatedly to the point of being unable to resist. It is known that after the attack, the rhino did not survive.

Clip: Hà mã nổi điên, cắn chết tê giác cụt sừng bằng đòn chí mạng

Hippos are mammals weighing about 1.5 – 4 tons, adults can be more than 4m long. The Greeks named hippos “river horses,” and they spend 16 hours a day wallowing in rivers or lakes in sub-Saharan Africa, exposing only their eyes and nostrils.

Although mainly eating plants, hippos are one of the most ferocious animals on Earth. It can bite through a boat with its powerful jaws and every year hippos kill about 500 people in Africa.