Cats Versus Dogs: 12 Hilariously Accurate Photos That Reveal Their Similarities And Differences

Cats and dogs are both amazing companions for pet lovers. They have their own personality and behaviors that people look for a pet depending on their preferences on what pet they can get along with.

Dogs have a very expressive nature. They are physically active and enjoy being outside which makes them great company for walking, playing, and other activities where outdoor space is utilized.

Cats are contented to be indoors. You can just open your windows wide enough for them to see the birds, and other creatures and let them play with snow, but be careful because cats can be very good at hiding in cabinets, and other places at your home.

In terms of training, cats require more patience than dogs since dogs can easily obey orders considering their breeds. On the contrary, cats are known to be masters of their own, so would have to constantly practice with them, but their instinct in litter training is very fast than dogs by letting them know where and how to use the litter box in just a few times.

Regardless of these differences, pet owners choose the ones that they feel more connected to. For how many years, cats and dogs have been a great part of society and this post will describe how they make a difference in their owners’ lives.

#1 Cats and dogs are sleep is wildly different positions.

In this picture, the dog is in a side sleeping position. When dogs sleep in this position, it means that they are feeling safe and comfortable since their organs are exposed and their legs are extended.

On the other hand, the cat is sleeping in a hiding face position. When cats sleep this way, they are usually in a very deep sleep where they unconsciously cover their face with their paws, and it also means that they have a lazy personality.

#2 They have different reactions on car rides.

Dogs enjoy car rides, but it is not the same case for cats. Depending on the frequency of car rides that owners have put their cats into, they are territorial and it will take time for them to get used to riding a vehicle.

#3 Cats are picky eaters compared to dogs.

In terms of food, dogs and cats differ in their diet. Dogs need to have a variety of meat and vegetables because they are omnivores while cats need more meat than dogs and it is also evident in cat foods because they are considered obligate carnivores.

#4 The kind of welcoming you get when you get home.

#5 Bath time!

#6 Their leash stories.

#7 They love to distract you from work.

#8 They are the most adorable cuddling machines!

#9 They show their love in unique ways.

#10 Belly rubs produce these two different reactions.

#11 Sleeps beside you and the other sleeps on you.

#12 Dogs follow what you want, but cats follow what they want.

This will show us why most of the time, cats and dogs don’t really get along, but the friendship between them and humans is the one that makes them worth keeping. They might differ in some aspects, yet the kind of joy and connection they bring to people’s lives are equally important.

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