Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

Cats have the ability to make you happy anytime, anywhere.
Cats are definitely the kings of the internet. They are funny, adorable, fluffy and independent. Science has proven that having a little furry baby in your room will improve your health. It doesn’t matter if your feline is an introvert who loves its personal space, or if your feline is cuddly and lovey-dovey, having them around you are rewarding and will have a positive impact on your whole life. Did you know that a cat purring can help in healing your bones and joints? Well, one more reason to keep a feline around you.

Having a furry companion can actually trigger the formation of calming chemicals & happy hormones in your body which in return will lower your stress and anxiety levels. Cats are also generally considered low maintenance. They like keeping themselves busy and they want their space which no one should invade. Also, only a simple petting session will be enough to make your cat happy. Isn’t that a blessing? Because clinginess isn’t always soothing. So yeah, another good enough reason to keep a cat.

Cats can be playful, affectionate and cuddly. They know how to bring you happiness in multiple ways. Cat owners know that the companionship cats give away is something really special, and no other animal can replace that. Soft eyes, a gentle purr, and beautiful fur will be enough to make you feel loved. You don’t even have to get them a new toy because they will keep on playing with the same small toy for ages. Be it a mouse (a fake one of course) or a ball of wool. These little acts will keep you joyful and entertained all day long.

In this article, we have some of the little acts that cats did, and their owners shared with us. They are hilarious. And will surely make you laugh! Scroll down and see!

1. People see what they wanna see.

This is a freaking miracle! Praise the Lord!!!

2. Me on my surprise birthday party..

‘No Susann, I never liked the idea of birthday parties.’

3. As if we are not already aware of this fact…

Husbands being lame part 101

4. I have seen everything now….

Is it weird that they look even more adorable this way?

5. Him: I will never let the cat come near me –10 minutes later..

Cats definitely are irresistible.

6. Transformation of the century.

What steroids was this cat on?

7. Cat: I don’t like being the centre of attention
Also cat…

Loves being under the spotlight.

Let’s just face the truth! We spend a lot of money on being happy and healthy, but we often forget that the key to happiness is literally right in front of us! Our cat! They are easy amusement and can make your mood go from zero to 100 in a few seconds! I am sure these images also increased your serotonin levels and made you happier. What are your thoughts and opinions about cats? Let us know in the comments section below!

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