Cat Rescued From The Sewer Filled With Stormwater

The stray animals have it tough out there, and it’s a struggle to survive each day. Many of them die at the hands of hunger, injuries, or harsh weather conditions.

The lucky ones manage to find a way into warm housing or get fed by kind humans. But not all of them are fortunate enough to get such treatment.

They have to constantly stay on their toes, avoiding dangers or finding food. They’re constantly moving around, trying to find shelter and safety.

It was the same with this cat when she was trapped, and the storm was roaring outside. So this is how this overwhelming story goes.

When Tropical Storm Henri hit the Hicksville, Long Island area, it was raging and left the streets rumbling. This poor cat trying to find a shelter was stuck in a sewer and was in a great deal of trouble.

Heavy rainfall and stuck; it was looking bad for the poor cat as she was about to drown. Fortunately, the rescuers arrived and saved the little kitty in the nick of time.

The following story is about how this helpless cat was rescued and named “Henrietta” after the storm. Read how she found a new home and a loving family.

The little kitten was trapped in a sewer almost drowned when help came

The rescuer John Debacker arrived with his friends, where the kitten was stuck. Heavy rain awaited them as they started the rescue operation.

The police joined the operation

The police and the volunteers joined hands to make it happen. Both rescuers stood at the end of the pipe with a long lever.

Struggle to save the little life

The stormwater started to flow into the drain, and the policeman pulled the sewer top off. Then one of them freed and pushed the cat to the side, where John grabbed her just in time.

Rescue successful *Sigh*

John lifted the scared and wet Henrietta safely, and they all were thankful that she was not injured.

Henrietta in foster care

Debacker took Henrietta to foster care, while Last Hope helped with veterinary care and there she made a quick recovery.

When she made a friend

In foster care making new friends and playing around helped her recover faster.

Recovering and ready to move out

After the foster care, Henrietta was ready to find a loving home. Officer Christen who also helped in rescuing the little floof expressed the desire to adopt her.

The one where she gets a mommie

Christen took the little Henrietta home, and she got her happily ever after.

Henrietta found a family

She joined the family on the officer’s and her husband’s anniversary, Last hope updated.

Ending on a happy note

We often come across stories that do not end the way we want them to, right? Well, the end of this tale could’ve also been so painful if it wasn’t for the rescuers.

Henrietta got her happy ending, and we are glad to leave you with a pleasant memory. Share this beautiful story with friends and family to make their day.