Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

All types of grasses have very low nutritional value and are actually completely indigestible
to cats – this is why your cat is likely to back up at some point because they lack the gut
enzymes needed to break it down and mix it well with their gut. One very plausible
explanation as to why they do this is that when a cat eats a mouse or a bird, it is
impossible for the cat to remove hair and bones from the flesh. Therefore, the cat usually
slides under the whole mouse in one piece. When the meat is digested, the indigestible
parts, such as hair and bones, remain in the cat’s stomach. Eating grass will make the cat
vomit and will put the grass back up wrapped around it, which is now properly digested
parts of the mouse. Now, this is just a theory, but it is believed to be plausible. How
convenient! Of course, everyone who owns a cat knows for sure that this is the part that
ends on your carpet so that you will be the first thing to do in the morning!

When should you worry? If your cat likes to eat grass or leaves repeatedly, take obvious
precautions and make sure you do not use weeds that can be inadvertently fed to the
lawn. If they don’t have grass, they can chew on other plants instead, so make sure your
house plants are not toxic to cats, lists are available on the web showing which plants are
toxic to cats. Occasionally, the cat gets a blade of grass in the back of its throat. This is
where the veterinarians come from. Many of these grass blades can be anesthetized by a
veterinarian using a dental mirror and a surgical instrument known as a spy hook. When
the blade is located in the nose, the camera, known as a retinoscope, is needed to see the
blade for removal – a painless procedure for the patient, but technically difficult for

To conclude our cats and grass review, probably the funniest reason cats eat grass is from
the pet website. Cats can sneak on grass blades for the same reason as the maids do. It is
quite delicious and they may like the taste.

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