Wed. Mar 29th, 2023

Video footage of a pregnant wildebeest being attacked and eaten by a lion was captured by tour guide Tarryn Rae in Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa.

While moving towards the lake to drink water, wildebeest suddenly encountered a herd of hungry lions. One of the lionesses in the herd was lying in wait for the wildebeest to arrive. When the prey was only a few meters away, the lion immediately jumped up, rushing towards the wildebeest herd.

Being attacked by surprise, the wildebeest immediately turned and ran away. However, one wildebeest made the mistake of running straight towards the lion before changing direction. This causes it to be grabbed by the lioness.

When they saw that their fellow had caught the bait, the lions rushed forward. Rae thinks wildebeest may be pregnant. As the lions gathered to tear the wildebeest apart, he discovered his judgment was correct.

“In 5 years of working, this is only the 6th successful hunt that I have been fortunate to witness. It almost feels like you’re watching TV and can’t believe what you see,” Rae said.

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