Being angry with his girlfriend, the rhinoceros took out all his anger on the lions, causing them to startle and run away

An adult rhinoceros on the way passed where lions were feeding. Normally, when faced with such a rhinoceros, he would move away and the lion would not make it difficult.

With a rhino weighing more than 3 tons and skin up to 3-5 cm thick, it is clear that rhinos are not easy prey. Lions are agile, but if hit by a rhinoceros, they will be seriously injured and die. Generally in the case of the rhinoceros, no matter how hungry the lion is, the story is puffy cheeks.

Returning to this situation, the fact that the rhinoceros deliberately galloped into the area where the lions were foraging stimulated the hunting instinct of the giant cat. This group of lions includes many adults, so they are quite curious and want to learn. The lion’s way of learning is usually to scratch and pat his paws to measure the danger level and if favorable, they will eat meat.

Rhinos feel uncomfortable in front of curious people, so they take a stance and rush in with a very aggressive butt movement. Even in anger, it actively rushed to butt the lion’s butt. The lions knew this was not an easy meal, so they had to make room for the rhinos.

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