Attempts to kill the prey, but the crocodile is helpless to watch the lion blatantly steal the prey but can’t do anything!

Crocodiles are the horror of all species because of their huge size and sharp teeth with their terrible bite force. Any prey that gathers around the crocodile’s territory is killed, including notorious predators. Victims will drown in the water or be torn apart under the sharp teeth of the crocodile.

Lioness vs Crocodile in the Shishangeni Concession

However, the lion is only because of the hungry stomach that defies everything. There was no more fear in his mind than the fear of starvation. Therefore, despite knowing that there will be many risks, the lion still blatantly entered the crocodile’s territory to dispute the prey.

After a while the two predators played a tug-of-war, by this time the crocodile had lost its patience. It frantically turned around, pulling the bait with extraordinary strength with the intention of leaving, ignoring the raging hungry lion.

Lioness vs Crocodile in the Shishangeni Concession - YouTube

However, lions do not give up easily. Now we can see how muddy the lion is when constantly stalking, growling, threatening the crocodile.

Then the crocodile has to bring the prey inland to open another path. This decision was the turning point of the battle. The crocodile made the mistake of giving up its knack in the swamp to crawl ashore. This is the lion’s tactic.

When competing on his forte land, lions become stronger than ever. This brought victory to the lion, and the crocodile watched helplessly as someone else took his meal.

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