13 Cats Who Are Done With Your Cuddling Stuff

We are crazy for cats. They are warm and soft. They look super cute when they walk with pride and grace, swaying their tails in the air.There is something about the way they ignore us that makes us want them even more. Can we ever get enough of them? The more they run away from us, the more we want them close to us. It’s the law of attraction at it’s finest. Cats drive us wild by ignoring us and we can never imagine ourselves with another pet.

This bond that cats and their owners share is priceless. It’s full of ups and downs, but somehow still survives. Cats are unpredictable. They would scratch you in a heartbeat and you would never know why they did so. But that’s not where the hurting ends. Cats would ignore you like you don’t exist! There would be times you would ask others just if you really exist and they can see you. No matter what cats do, their owners would never stop loving them. Even if it means annoying them. Although cats crave physical touch and would do anything to get their human’s attention, sometimes they are done with humans and their cuddles. They just don’t want to be touched.They make that absolutely weird annoyed face when their owners are trying to cuddle with them. Here we have collected 13 photos of cats who are done with your cuddling stuff. Scroll down and enjoy them.

“Ugh! Not again.”

“Never have I ever felt more vulnerable…”

“Somebody help!”

“Let go kid! You’re suffocating me.”

“I feel disgusted hooman! Let me go!”

“Please tell me you’re not gonna cuddle…”

“Eww… A human hand.”

“N O spells no, peasant!”

Although cats enjoy being caressed, some just have a strict no kiss policy. Their owners would run around them trying to get them to cuddle and act like all those cuddly Instagram, kitties. unfortunately, all their hard work and efforts go in vain when they find out that their cats have certain limitations. Just like the cat in the above photo. One thing is for sure. No matter how hard a cat may try, it would never be unloved by its owner.

“Stay away hooman!”

“Err… No cuddles!”

“You’re holding too tight!”

“No, hooman! Please don’t.”

“You’re killing my vibe, peasant.”

Al these cats are making us fall in love with them a little more. How can one possibly not love these furry balls of love? Cats are a hypersensitive animals that come with invisible warning tags. You never know what you got until it’s home. Is your cat one of those cats with boundaries? Let us know in the comments below.

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