Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

The emotional video captures the antelope’s tenacious battle with not one but two adult lionesses, even though humans have been put at a disadvantage before.

The video opens with a scene of an antelope belonging to the tɦe antelope family being knocked down by a lion, only able to lie on the ground waiting to die.

Eagle, the antelope seemed to have firmly grasped the food, suddenly protested fiercely and used his curved Horn as a weapon to make the lion run away.

Being so strong, the striped antelope was also unable to escape because its legs were badly damaged after struggling. It staggered away, it tried to drag, but it fell to its knees.

Knowing that bait can’t do miracles, the lion tɦe waits patiently, tɦen rusɦ turns back with the intention of delivering the finishing blow to te.

But the antelope is still burning with the will to survive, repelling all attacks. It was determined not to fall into the clutches of the tɦe lion.

Finally, the antelope surrendered and it became a meal for two hungry lions.

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