Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

In the animal world, the strong win over the weak has been an eternal rule. A large land always hides notorious predators, especially lions. The intelligent and powerful predator is always a fearsome opponent of all herbivores. Dramatic fight between lion and buffalo dramatic to the last minute.

One beautiful sunny afternoon, the lions were wandering in the grasslands when they accidentally discovered a wild buffalo straying from the herd, the predator immediately approached and accelerated the pursuit. Thanks to the advantage in numbers, the hungry predators quickly grabbed the ill-fated buffalo and rushed to bite it. However, before the fierce resistance of the wild buffalo, the lions had to work very hard to defeat this huge prey. Thinking that the buffalo had become a delicious meal for the lions, the “savior” of the buffalo suddenly appeared. However, this savior is not the mother buffalo or the adult buffalo in the herd, but a herd of African forest elephants passing by.

When seeing the lions preparing to tear the ill-fated buffalo, the giant elephant approached and suddenly rushed to use his tusks to attack the lions. Surprised by the appearance of “uninvited guests” and noticed that the elephant had a huge body, the lions panicked and ran away. Taking advantage of this opportunity, buffalo quickly got up and ran away from the lions. Buffalo is one of the largest herbivores in Africa. Although buffalo is one of the favorite prey, lions often face many difficulties to defeat adult buffalo.

Thus, the timely arrival of the giant elephant saved the buffalo’s life from the hands of bloodthirsty lions. The video, which has attracted more than 2.5 million views and 530 comments, captures a rare moment that makes viewers touched by the giant elephant’s actions.


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