Although you were the first to come, the Lion still succumbed to the stubbornness of the crocodile and had to accept to let go of his prey

Although lions and crocodiles have different habitats, they can fight whenever the opportunity arises. And the main reason is food

The male lion, hunting with another member of his pack, discovered a dead hippopotamus by the river. The hippo had died the night before and had been drifting by the river for hours.

Two lions discovered the hippo while standing across the river. But when the lion approached the hippo carcass, the crocodiles immediately rushed to fight for the meal. Despite losing in numbers, the lion still plunged into the water to try to scare the crocodile away from the nearby hippo carcass.

The confrontation took place quite fiercely, with both “teeth and claws”, the hungry lion stretched his sharp claws towards the swamp assassin, and the crocodile immediately stretched out his sharp teeth to confront.

Initially, this was a “1-on-1” confrontation, but soon the crocodiles were overwhelmed, the whole herd of at least 6 crocodiles chased the male lion.

In the end the lion had to give up his meal. The video has garnered over 6 million views and 35,000 likes on YouTube. Click the link below to watch the full video: