Although she saved her innocent child, the mother monkey was still happy when her child died tragically because it was killed by a leopard.

In the wild, we see leopards hunting a lot, they often hunt prey such as antelope, wildebeest, deer… But in this video everyone can see. A leopard hunts a baby monkey in a tree.

Apricot slowly approached the monkeys moving on the ground nearby, it was very attentive to the monkeys on the ground, on the bed like we were all tricked by it.

When everyone was looking at the monkeys on the ground, the leopard suddenly jumped up the tree, moving very quickly and decisively.

On the tree at this time there is a baby monkey and a mother monkey, the target is the baby monkey, the baby monkey knows he is in danger so he climbs to a very high scene, but the predator with great strength. bouncing well it jumps up and grabs the baby monkey.

The mother monkey now knew that her child was in danger, so she rushed to chase the leopard to save her baby, but it was too late, when the mother monkey saved the baby, it died.