Although hiding under the water, that could not reduce the mischievousness of the wild dogs when killing wild boar.

Altɦougɦ ɦe quickly ran to the middle of the lagoon to escape, the wild boar was inevitably destined to become a meal for the wild dogs.

The African wild dog Tɦe is a cold-blooded carnivore that lives in packs and has a strong bite force. The video below shows a pack of wild dogs killing a wild boar when it enters the territory of an aggressive pack of wild dogs.

Wild dogs are resting by the lagoon in search of prey. Suddenly, two wild boars approached the lagoon to quell the fever. The wild dogs remained as silent as they could, their ears glued to the ground, waiting for the pigs to come closer.

The wild boar approached the water’s edge, he realized the presence of the dogs, but it was too late, the wild dogs jumped up and surrounded the piglet, making room for the larger one to escape.

The piglet jumped into the water to defend itself but failed. The larger pig luckily escaped death. Wild dogs rushed in to bite and pull it as if to tear it to pieces.

Unsuspecting warthog finds itself in hot water with a pack of wild dogs -  YouTube

After a battle, the wild boar died tragically under the terrible and extremely barbaric tearing of the wild dogs. This scene is horrible, no one can change the laws of nature.