Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

While fishing in the Kimberly area of ​​Western Australia, a group of people happened to capture an extremely terrifying moment. That is the scene where the crocodile is dragging the cow’s body to swim in the river to find a secluded place to slowly enjoy its prey.

Cattle crossing the river was attacked by a giant crocodile. The mother cow and her calves tried to cross the river to the other side. As the cow approached the riverbank, a giant crocodile bit the cow in the hip area.

The bull wrestled with the alligator on its back. The mother cow does not give up by standing on her feet and trying to move around to escape the grip of the crocodile.

Drone footage shows 20 giant crocs feasting on cow as fisherman save  another one metres away | Daily Mail Online

The crocodile’s bite was so inaccurate that his mouth almost fell open. And he kept hanging on the cow’s hip, because his teeth were deeply embedded in the cow’s skin. After the cow tried, the crocodile lost his hand and luckily the mother cow escaped death. The only way to avoid crocodile attacks in livestock is to avoid rivers when there are crocodiles. There’s no dog and no shepherd that has an impact on this monster to fend off or something like that.

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