A close-up of a predatory anaconda caught on the riverbank was captured close-up! NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ESPAÑA

France’s National Geographic has posted a video showing how the huge animal was able to swallow a capybara whole without hesitation. Information is from Metro.

Vídeo: Así devora esta anaconda una enorme presa | National Geographic

By moving flexibly underwater, the anaconda saw its prey. It slowly moves and then dives under the water, to a certain space it rushes to embrace its prey

Anaconda | A green anaconda (Eunectes murinus) found in the … | Flickr

The images show the anaconda curled around the mammal, a mammal that’s also not small. This reptile squeezes the capybara to the point that it interferes with breathing and heart movement, leading to death.

The snake begins its “meal” with the head of its prey, moving the bones in its mouth with its jaws apart so it can swallow the victim whole.

According to Superinteressante, the skin and organs like the esophagus and stomach of the anaconda dilate, dilating from 30 centimeters to three times.