23 Of The Cutest Animal Friendships That Proves They’re Meant For Each Other

Friendships of all kinds are beautiful and should be savored no matter what or who it consists of. This does not change for animals either as they tend to gravitate to friendships and relationships too.

Animals have similar behaviors to humans when it comes to relationships and friendships especially with other animals. They tend to feel the same sorts of connections that we do, which actually makes this way cuter than it already is.

Friendships help us survive because as social beings (animals and humans) we need and strive for that connection. As humans, we have best friends, close friends, boyfriends, and girlfriends.

Animals actually strive for the same things in a sense. We don’t always get to witness or capture animal friendships like we capture our own friendships and relationships, so these photos will definitely be worth it

Animals are adorable when you can tell they’ve made a new friend. Whether that be another animal or the same kind, a human, or even a totally different animal than its own kind.

Either way, it’s still awesome to witness such adorable relationships between animals. This list will compile 23 examples of very cute sets of animal friends.

Be prepared to be blown away by how adorable and unexpected some of these animals are. Let’s dive into 23 adorable animal friendships that show how much these animals are truly meant for each other.

1. Golden Retriever makes an unexpected new friend.

How cute is this duo? Unexpected friends, but we love it.

2. Cutest little kiss ever.

This is too adorable. Dogs and horses make the best friends.

3. It took them ten years to finally like each other. Worth the wait.

We’re so glad that they finally decided to be friends. Now, look at them – adorable.

4. Cat and the rabbit?

They both look like they are just relaxing together.

5. This dog looks over this dramatic cat.

Opposites attract. A crazy cat and a laid-back dog. Such a great duo.

6. Black beauty found a new pal.

They both give off the same vibes. Dark and mysterious bu very majestic and beautiful.

7. We love to see the cuddles.

Two peas in a pod. Cats love to cuddle and these two definitely are enjoying their time together.

8. Nap time on a sidewalk in Paris.

These two looks so cute cuddled up together on the sidewalk. They look like they’re enjoying each other’s company.

9. Doggo loves his new cat.

They look like they’re best friends already. The dog is so proud to be this cat’s friend. We love to see it.

10. Horse meets a very tiny new friend.

The smallest friend meets the biggest friend. Opposites do attract.

11. Two kangaroos and a cat.

This is an interesting trio, but overall an amazing and unique friend group.

12. New friend in doggy daycare!

We love this. It’s amazing when animals make new friends. Doggy daycare did its job.

13. Awesome friends.

One big bird meets the little bird.

14. Cat cuddles are the best.

These two look so comfortable together. They are for sure best friends.

15. They look like they’re conspiring something.

Another bunny and cat duo that we love. They seem to make the best of friends.

16. How cute are these two curled up together.

Did you even see the little one? You know he’s warm up against this fluffball.

17. The lengths they went to in order to see each other.

True puppy love at its finest. These two went to extreme measures to make sure they got to see each other.

18. So adorable they can melt the coldest hearts.

19. True and long lasting friendship.

How amazing is it that these two have been friends this long? They loved each other as kittens and they continue to show the same amount of love as adult cats.

20. Twins?

I mean honestly, these two are perfect for each other. Their fur color matches which makes them the perfect duo.

21. Through sickness and health.

You always need that friend that’s there with you through anything. That’s how you know that’s your true friend.

22. Triplets or three headed dog?

Honestly, at first glance I’d think this was a three-headed dog, but unless you’re a magician this is probably three separate dogs.

23. Cozy kittens looking at what’s outside together.

These 23 examples of the cutest animal friendship ever did not disappoint. We’re so happy we got to see some of these amazing animal friendships in action.

Animal friendships are some of the purest friendships in the world and it’s amazing to be able to see the proof of these lifelong friendships. Share with a friend to make their day a little bit brighter.