21 Heartwarming Pictures That Show How The Lives Of Cats Improved After They Were Showered With Love

Among the most rewarding things in life is owning a cat. In fact, experts agree that taking care of these adorable furballs is good for our mental health.

According to psychological reports, owning a cat decreases the loneliness felt by people who live alone. When they have cats to feed and groom, it creates a routine, which eventually helps restructure a person’s life.

If you’ve owned your cats since they were still kittens, you’ll always treasure the memories of having little naughty yet lovable creatures running around your home. It also makes you wonder why they still do the same things even when they’ve fully grown into adult felines.

Kittens are naturally cute too! They offer the pure kind of companionship that we’ve been always looking for.

The years spent with furry friends are indeed special. And if you’re seeking that heartwarming feeling, we’ve got the best collection for you.

People on different social media platforms have something special to share. They took pictures of their kitties back when they were young and snapped another photo of them now that they’re all grown up.

Then they placed both photos side by side for the internet’s enjoyment. prepared to say “aww” on every picture you see.

Nothing has changed.

From then until now, this kitty has had the same habit. After his rescue in 2012, he immediately became comfy sleeping in his mom’s chest.

Six years have passed and it’s still his favorite sleeping spot. How lovely!

Imagine waking up to this every morning.

They used to fit in their blankets. Now they need bigger ones!

This cat’s napping style.

As you can see, Ernie the cat still loves napping on his back. Normally, cats practice vigilance when they sleep by not exposing their underbelly.

Yet Ernie casts all the worries away and sleeps like this throughout his life. It’s so funny to look at!

They all love being this close.

They still have their same ‘ol cushion and love sleeping on it. Even if the years had gone by, they still love to cuddle with each other.

Aged like fine wine

She may have looked awkward as a kitty. But look how stunning she is now.

Still cuddling.

You can see how they love each other. So adorable!

This cat doesn’t seem to age.

If this kitty were a celebrity, they’d probably be included in different “actors who don’t age” list. The cat looks adorable as ever!

Scruffy as a kitty, and still scruffy as an old cat lady.

Look at how healthy this cat has become!

She was in bad shape when she was adopted. You can clearly see the love and care shown to this lovely cat.

Scruffy now and then.

They have been this scruffy ever since. But it seems that they can retain their baby looks.

So cute. ‘Nuff said!

We are so blessed that such cuteness exists. If only we can pet this cat through the screen.

All thanks to the owner, this adopted cat looks beautiful!

This cat is looking so fine now that he has grown.

Look at that growth.

It only took one year for this cat to be this gorgeous! He now has a piercing stare.

He deserves the name, Thor.

From cute to majestic, it’s like this feline grew a fine beard. He simply looks stunning!

What a pretty cat! Just look at the color of his fur!

Just two little kitties who became BFFs. Nothing more, nothing less.

The pics of her rescue may break your heart, but what she turned out to be is so inspiring.

Look at how beautiful and healthy she is! And with that face on, it’s so funny!

Those cat fangs will always be adorable.

You just can’t understand what goes on with the minds of humans who want to abuse cats.

Thank goodness he was rescued. Look at how lively he looks now!

Look at her eyes.

She once had sickly eyes. Now, those are the eyes that seem to draw you in.

These furballs are just too precious!

Kudos to the owners for showing these kitties with lots of love and care! With how gorgeous these felines have become, you can easily see that these cats are now in a happy place in their forever home.

There is a sense of fulfillment when seeing kittens grow into beautiful, majestic cats. Pat yourself on the back if you witnessed the amazing growth of your feline.