Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

A wild war will be extremely fierce, the prey will have to face not one but many enemies at the same time. This wild boar went through an unbelievable battle and its wounds are the best proof of its ferocity.

A wild boar is facing a leopard and the fight is intense. The wild boar can be seen trying very hard to get out of the fight, but it was pretty badly injured.

A hyena begins to smell food and rushes into battle. The fight became more intense when the wild boar could not support both at the same time and had to receive more injuries.

Other hyenas were also present at the scene and it quickly joined the fight. Leopards saw too many hyenas, so they took the initiative to retreat.

The wild boar quickly took the opportunity to counterattack and ran away with many wounds on his body. The fight was extremely attractive and fast, just a few seconds slow, the wild boar could have lost its life.


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