20 Pets That Could Set Up Their Own Runway and Steal the Show

Perhaps we can start another Furry Fashion Week today. And the imaginations of our beloved pet owners really never cease to surprise us. Squid Game cosplay, fancy getups and day-to-day outfits, and Hawaiian and Mexican-style shirts — there’s enough space for literally any cute idea here. And they all work for any of our 4-pawed friends.

We at Pets Media have selected the most compelling examples and honestly believe that any pet can become a real model with a stellar career thanks to outfits like these.

1. “I’m a little cow.”

2. “Let’s play a game!”

3. Jerry-the-meowboy-hat

4. Fairy-Bunblebee: just make a wish!

5. “Athena’s new and fancy hat!”

6. Cruela de Vil

7. “When your human loves to play dress-up”

8. “Classy kitty”

9. Adorable baby-piggies in lovely outfits

10. Count Dracula: catty-bite elegant edition

11. Doggo, casual style

12. “King George the Furred, if you will.”

13. “Hanging out on a Saturday in his lobster costume”

14. A tiny sombrero for this guy

15. This prince’s gorgeous outdoors look

16. “My buddy in his wedding outfit for tomorrow”

17. “I made my kitten a Hawaiian shirt.”

18. “Flash dance Frank!”

19. “When a hairless cat cosplays Tanjiro”

20. “Nibbler! Lord of cuddles!”

How do you like our runway beauties? Have you seen any marvelous models yourself? Have all the eyes been turned on them and only them? Please tell us your stories and if you have some photos to attach, that would be really great. We read and appreciate every comment of yours.