20 Animals Incapable Of Taking “Normal” Pictures

It’s a universal experience: an unflattering photo of you gets uploaded online, worst yet, you get tagged in it! Usually, in these instances, you’d just ask the person to delete the unfortunate picture, and poof, it’s gone.

However, what happens if you have no understanding of pictures, the internet, and photosharing? When you lack the human ego to care about looking ridiculous or unflattering?

Well, you’d probably be one of the thousands of pets whose absurd photos have been shared online. Delighting humans across the globe with your ridiculousness.

And why would you care, anyway? You’re just a cat, or dog, or horse, or whatever animal caught on film looking absolutely bonkers.

While we humans have perfected our “best angle” for pictures, animals are living a truly free life. One where a silly face or contortion not only makes them more endearing, it brings a bit of happiness into the lives of others.

What a unique and special skill completely wasted on creatures that lack the social wherewithal to purposefully craft and share with the world. Thankfully, that’s where pet owners come in to play.

Living in the age of advanced technology, pet owners are able to share hilarious snapshots of their pets in awkward, silly, or unflattering poses. And people just go crazy over them.

And that’s where we come in. We’ve collected a handful of goofy photos of pets that are too adorable and funny to ignore.

1. That mid-lick shot

2. Dog.exe failed

3. Deep thoughts on the toilet aren’t just for humans

4. When your favorite song comes on

5. Playing or aggressively hugging?

6. Perfect puppuccino grin

7. Optical illusion cats

8. Say “cheese!”

9. The most elegant dancer

10. Instructions unclear, kitten assembly failed

11. This doggo looks like a jacked kangaroo

12. That feeling when seaweed touches your foot

15. A whole new take on “Zoomies”

13. Momentum is no friend to flappy faced puppers

14. A glorious catch

16. That feel when your owner says “No” to walkies

17. Someone better feed this kitty before she does a murder

18. Long boi nose

19. The stages of regret captured on film

20. That’s not how sweaters work

Pets are good for more than just companionship, and these photos definitely help prove that point. Their silliness can brighten the darkest moods.

If you got a chuckle from this article, be sure to share the amusement with your friends and family. And let us know which of these pictures was your favorite picture in the comments!