2 honey badger couple fight with 10 lions, making lions scared

Video taken by a tourist in Zambia shows two honey badgers chasing down a slope. But then, to the surprise of the lions, this pair of lions suddenly turned to attack the predators. While the honey badger was climbing the slope, the lioness lunged at one of the two small creatures.

However, with a tight formation, the two badgers not only quickly escaped but also threatened the lions. After that, the honey badger pair continued to work together to repel the predators.

The honey badger is an omnivore that lives in sub-Saharan Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and western Asia. They usually feed on honey, insects, reptiles, birds, mammals, roots, seeds and fruit.

They can adapt to many environments, from warm tropical forests to cool mountains. The honey badger possesses thick skin, strong claws, sharp teeth and has good poison resistance.

Honey badgers have a stubborn, aggressive nature, despite their very modest size. Honey badgers are not “bored” of any animal, including lions. A video has captured two honey badgers “fighting” with a herd of seven lions, causing them to retreat.