16 Heroic Pets That Could Easily Win An Award For Their Amazing Acts

Animals are truly amazing, like we’ve seen before in other posts about how beautiful, caring, and smart they can be. Animals are great companions to us and they’re very caring towards us.

Animals have an instinct to protect and they are very gentle and caring when they need to be; this is much like ourselves. Their courageous acts don’t go unnoticed and here we can see the faces of some of the adorable animals who’ve done amazing acts of kindness.

Some animals have done amazing acts of kindness such as saving their owner or donating blood to another animal. Either way, animals have a great history of doing amazing acts of kindness for others.

It’s safe to say that we all could learn a little something from these caring animals. Acts of kindness could go a long way for all of us.

We are here to share with you 16 different animals that are heroic, kind, and courageous because of their acts of kindness. Get ready to see some adorable and amazing pets who have helped people or other animals.

These animals never fail to impress us and they really know what they’re doing because of their nurturing nature. These animals could win many awards easily for their amazing acts of kindness.

1. This beautiful pup has been to the top of Mount Elbrus 40 times.

2. This cat donates blood to the cats who need it.

3. This dog saved a little girl from wasps when he nibbled them off of her. Even getting stung himself a few times.

4. Gary is a fan of traveling the outdoors. How cool is Gary for skating on the ice with their owner.

5. Mr. Herbie, a therapy dog for a hospital.

6. This cat, Mufasa, saved his owner from a snake that snuck in.

7. This blind dog managed to save 7 people, 2 dogs and 4 cats by guiding them out of a fire.

8. Kuli the cat who loves to surf the waves!

9. Valder, this cutie who saves his owner from a gaming falling from the fourth floor.

10. This cat set the world record for how many tricks a cat can do in one minute. The cat can swim, surf, skate and do gymnastics.

11. Artist rabbit.

12. This cat actually scared away a mountain Lion to save it’s owner.

13. This dog-human duo broke the world record for how many times a dog and human can jump in 1 minute. They jumped 58 times.

14. This cat saved a boy from a dog attack.

15. This dog is an emotional support dog for fire fighters for 4 hours a day before they go into their 24 hour shift.

16. This dog started barking in the middle of the night and it turns out there was a gas leak in their apartment.

These animals are adorable and heroic, talented, and smart – and some of them even hold records in the Guinness World Records. These amazing animals are definitely worth sharing with your friends.

What do you think about these animals? Do you have any to add to the list?