1000 wild bees punish the hungry eagle that dares to enter the lair and sting the eagle with all its face.

The diet of eagles is very diverse, from birds such as chickens and geese to reptiles, especially iguanas and snakes, including poisonous snakes such as cobras, vipers, mambas and vipers. It also hunts mammals and insects.

The eagle in the video is digging its head into the brain nest to eat bee meat. It’s a pity that the guard bees are being watched so closely.

Just peeked inside the hive. The worker bees begin to attack and then invite each other to sting the opponent. At first there were only a few animals, then hundreds of them took turns attacking.

Minutes after being attacked by bees too painful, the eagle gave up and from then on the eagle will remember this day forever.

Let’s watch the video together.